About Manny’s

What is Manny’s?

Manny’s is a people powered and community focused meeting and learning place in the heart of San Francisco that combines a restaurant, political bookshop, and civic events space.

The goal of Manny’s is to create a central and affordable place to become a better informed and more involved citizen. We do this by offering our events space to nonprofits, activists, and civic organizations to spread their message and do their work as well as hosting our own civic and arts related programming. Our kitchen is run by the non-profit, Farming Hope, which hires formerly homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals and trains them in the food skills needed to work in the restaurant industry.

We opened on Election Night, 2018 where over 500 people came together to watch the results of that moment in our civic life together and since then we’ve hosted hundreds of gatherings with many more to come!

What is Manny’s Commitment to the Community?

Manny’s is a community space and is proudly located in the Mission District – a historic hub of activism and progressive action. Recent years have seen the closure of the many incredible civic gathering and organizing spaces within San Francisco and especially the Mission District as rents and the costs of living has increased steadily.

If Manny’s is to truly be a community space that serves and welcomes all, we must first be affordable. We will always have $2 coffee. Our food will always be reasonably priced. Our events will always be sliding scale. No one will ever be turned away from attending an event for lack of funds. Spanish language will always be present in the space’s signage and in our bookshop. Our staff and programming will always represent the rich community we are a part of.

In order to walk the walk with our commitments, Manny’s worked with a coalition of Mission based advocacy groups called United to Save the Mission to create a set of agreed upon commitments to the community that can be found here.

We’re proud to stand up for equity, access, and inclusivity in a time when life in our City continues to get harder and harder for the working class.

Why is this place called Manny’s?

The original name for the space was going to be something more civically oriented (Town Hall, Civic Commons, Common Grounds etc…) but we got feedback that these names didn’t sound inviting. We were worried about folks not coming in from off the street – thinking the space was too serious. The name Manny’s was chosen because it sounded friendly, like a neighborhood cafe or hang out spot, and would be inviting enough to bring people in to what was not your typical place to go. It worked.


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