Support Manny’s by Becoming a Sponsor

We don’t charge what we need to for food, drink, or events to cover our costs – not even close – and we won’t in order to keep the space accessible to all.

We are relying on a community of individual sponsors to keep this space alive so please consider becoming a sponsor at any multiple of $36 a month that feels right to you.

The idea has always been that Manny’s be a people powered space. Our sponsors will allow us to do just that.

There are a few benefits – other than the knowledge that your money is going to ensure a space with this mission stays open – for sponsors:
1) Invitations to all of the pre-receptions with our guest speakers for events you’re attending
2) An invitation to the annual Sponsor’s Ball
3) The Manny’s Tote Bag
4) Being a part of the family we are building to keep this space alive

Become a Sponsor