Backpack Giveaway for Migrant Families

Backpack Giveaway for Migrant Families

August 4th is a Day of Action being organized by Central American Resource Center (Carecen), La Raza Community Resource Center, and Manny's!

Manny's will be assembling and distributing 100 backpacks for specific families with kids who are clients of Carecen and La Raza Community Resource Center. The backpack will contain supplies for school as well as a gift card for the kids to use.

Please support this event by making a contribution at the donation link for this event.

Each backpack will have:

1. Pencils (a pack of 10-20)

2. Pencil sharpener (2 total)

3. folder with pockets (3 hole punch is best)

4. A pack of loose line paper

5. composition notebook (2 total)

6. Pens (a pack of 5-10 back or blue)

7. Large erasers

8. A 3 ring binder

9. Blunt tipped scissors

10. Glue sticks

11. Crayons

12. A gift card for the kids.

Venue Information:
3092 16th St
San Francsico, CA, 94113