Can we fix fake news with science? The launch of Metafact with Jeff Bleich

Can we fix fake news with science? The launch of Metafact with Jeff Bleich

Ambassador Jeff Bleich discusses the rise of fake news and the launch of the new organization Metafact!

How has the internet transformed our intake of information?

Our decisions depend on access to truthful information. But in the digital tsunami of headlines, search links and social media posts, how do we know the difference between fact and opinion?

Misinformation in politics hurts democracy, but medical misinformation is dangerous. Google has become our default doctor servicing 70,000 health queries a minute. From health cures to vaccination claims to celebrity wellness gurus, the internet is full of pseudo-science and the tech companies don’t yet have a good solution for it.

So how do we fix the epidemic of internet misinformation? What can we do as citizens and users? Can technology help people find and spread the truth?

We welcome you to a conversation with Jeff Bleich and Ben McNeil for the US launch of a new scalable initiative to help people find the truth.

About Jeff Bleich:

Jeff is a lawyer and diplomat, serving as Special Counsel to President Obama and serving as United States Ambassador to Australia from 2009-2013.

About Ben McNeil:

Ben is a long-time climate scientist with expertise in data science and the founder of Metafact.

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