Making it happen: A Government Run by People, not Money!

Making it happen: A Government Run by People, not Money!

This event will launch American Promise Associations in the Bay Area.

Our goal is to organize Americans to win the 28th Amendment to the Constitution to restore American democracy in which We the People—not big money, not corporations, not unions, not special interests—govern ourselves.

Whether your issue is the opioid crisis, the $21 trillion national debt, a healthy economy where businesses have an equal chance to compete, the rights of states to make their own election laws, or affordable healthcare, in order to win meaningful, lasting reform, we must first fix our constitution so our government serves people, not lobbyists and campaign donors.

Join the Bay Area organizers and Kimberly Clinch, American Promise Citizen Empowerment Coordinator, for this free event that will provide you with both information and tools to engage in this work.

We will cover:

- What the 28th Amendment does and how to talk about it

- How to develop the political will needed to ratify a 28th Amendment

- How to speak effectively about the need for a 28th Amendment

- Actions you can take (we'll form groups based on your location and create action plans!)

It's hard to know what's true in the he said/she said swirl of our current news cycles. What is real and dangerous is the grip of big money on American politics. Fortunately, Americans from all sides are pushing back on this corruption and are ready to win the 28th Amendment together! Please join this cross-partisan effort to reclaim our democracy and RSVP now!

Venue Information:
3092 16th St
San Francsico, CA, 94113