Manny's LIVE:  The Search for a COVID-19 Vaccine

Manny's LIVE: The Search for a COVID-19 Vaccine

We are all anxiously awaiting an eventually COVID-19 vaccine so that we can get back to our lives. Manny's is hosting a q&a with an expert!

When will there be a vaccine?

Will it work?

How are we going to distribute it?

How might it work?

Will we need to take it every year forever?

Which vaccine candidate s are the most promising?

You have questions?

Well Manny's is brining an expert to answer them!

Cristina Tato, from the Chan Zuckerberg BioHub.

Note: This live conversation will be broadcasted from Manny's but the place to tune it will be via:

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After the conversation, at 7 PM, please go to the following link to join the post show discussion and action session:


About Cristina Tato:

Dr. Cristina Tato pursued a Masters in Public Health Policy and Education right out of college. She worked in the public health arena for a few years prior to entering graduate school, and received her PhD in Immunology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Both Cristina’s graduate and post-doctoral work focused on the study of different transcription factor families (NF-B and STAT families) and their downstream signaling pathways. Primarily using in vivo models of infection and autoimmune inflammation, she worked to elucidate the mechanisms underlying the ability of these transcription factors to mediate host resistance to infection, to regulate the production of inflammatory cytokines and to affect the development of innate and adaptive immunity. Early work revealed a novel pathway for IFN production in NK cells during parasitic infection. Her later work on the IL-23/IL-17 axis uncovered aspects of the transcriptional regulation of IL-17 producing T cells, as well as illuminated a role for these cytokines in maintaining gut barrier integrity.

Cristina joined the CZ Biohub directly from working at the Stanford School of Medicine as a research and science analyst in the Institute for Immunity, Transplantation and Infection. There, her focus was on the tactical application of human systems immunology methods towards studying health and disease, and evaluating vaccine efficacy. Technologies such a mass cytometry, which allow for a broad, multi-parameter interrogation of both phenotypic and functional characteristics of many aspects of the immune system simultaneously, as well as single cell sequencing of targeted cell subsets are some examples. As such, Cristina contributed to the strategic planning and writing of interdisciplinary research proposals, and facilitated collaborative efforts between member scientists and physicians.

Coming to the CZ Biohub affords Cristina a unique opportunity to bring her public health and immunology expertise to bare in her new role in the Rapid Response Team. She is excited to head up the development of the strategic plan and tactical protocols that will allow CZ Biohub scientists to prepare for, integrate into and strengthen global emergency response efforts to epidemic diseases.

Venue Information:
3092 16th Street
San Francisco, CA, 94103