Meet & Greet w/ Tracy Mitrano, Cyber Security Expert Running for Congress

Meet & Greet w/ Tracy Mitrano, Cyber Security Expert Running for Congress

Tracy Mitrano is running for Congress and she needs your help in defeating challenging Trumpites!

Before Tracy Mitrano was the Democratic candidate for NY's 23rd District, she was an academic, lawyer, and consultant specializing in cybersecurity policy, and an outspoken advocate for net neutrality. Motivated in part by the unprecedented and continued attacks on our democracy, Tracy is now running to unseat one of Trump's most loyal allies.

Tracy is running to bring economic opportunity to the 23rd District, which has been left behind for too long. Her election will also bring cybersecurity expertise to Congress, where Tracy will work to ensure the integrity of our elections and the security of our digital borders.

Tracy’s expertise is widely recognized in higher education, government, and the private sector. As the Director of Information Technology Policy at Cornell University from 2001 to 2014, she facilitated some of higher education’s first-generation information security policies. She has acted as an expert for Internet2, the University of Massachusetts, the University of Delaware, Tufts University, SafeGov, the New York Public Library, and many others. Her work has given her significant federal policymaking experience, preparing her to serve as a Congresswoman in a district that desperately needs someone who can immediately get to work in Washington to develop legislative responses to the challenges facing NY-23.

Come meet her and support her run for Congress!

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Venue Information:
3092 16th Street
San Francisco, CA, 94103