POSTPONED: Techplomacy: Global Leaders Wrestling with Big Tech

POSTPONED: Techplomacy: Global Leaders Wrestling with Big Tech

Manny's hosts a panel on techplomacy with leaders from Canada, Denmark, and Switzerland.

The effects of unchecked technology growth have become apparent in the wake of major political events, privacy breaches, and social transformations. It is clear that government's relationship to the tech industry needs to change. Big tech leaders like Microsoft's Brad Smith have called for government regulation to create systems of accountability. We need to make sure that our democracy sets boundaries for the tech industry—and not the other way around.

Digital geopolitics is no longer a layer superimposed on conventional geopolitics - the digital is creating new alignments among new actors.

In a rare Town Hall style panel discussion, techplomacy leaders from Canada, Switzerland, and Denmark will be available to answer questions and take suggestions about how governments can (or should) use tech policy to shape the future of our technological societies.


Canadian Consul General Rana Sarkar, Danish Acting Tech Ambassador Mikael Ekman, and Swiss Consul General Benedikt Wechsler J.

Betsy Cooper will be moderating.

Venue Information:
3092 16th Street
San Francisco, CA, 94103