The Future of Museums, Zoos, and Aquariums with CEO of Aquarium of the Bay

The Future of Museums, Zoos, and Aquariums with CEO of Aquarium of the Bay

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What is the future of our aquariums, zoos, and museums - these physical spaces whether people come together to understand the natural world, to learn, and to grow? Are their models outdated? How can they adapt with the times? Should they? In the wake of the Tiger King are we living in a watershed moment of rethinking around animals in captivity? What is the museum of the future?

The CEO of and The Aquarium of the Bay George Jacob is here to discuss.

More about George Jacob:

George Jacob is the President & CEO of Bay.Org- the largest non profit watershed conservation group in San Francisco that oversees six institutions (Aquarium of the Bay, The Bay Institute, Sea Lion Center, Studio Aqua, The Bay Model Alliance and the Bay Academy) with a unified mission to protect and conserve the San Francisco Bay and its fragile ecosystems from the Sierra to the Sea. The organization has served millions in the last 40 years and continues to offer 70,000 children free education programs each year.

He currently leads a landmark transformation of the Aquarium of the Bay on Pier 39 into an iconic $260 million living immersive ecotarium- the first of its kind Climate Resilience and Ocean Conservation Living Museum in the United States. Trained at the Smithsonian, educated at the Birla Institute of Technology & Science, University of Toronto, Getty Leadership Institute and Yale School of Management, he is known internationally for spearheading stellar museum design-build assignments and is one of the leading museum thinkers of our times. Former Vice President of Oregon Museum of Science & Industry and OMNIMAX, he went on to be the founding Director of the NASA-Ames funded astronomy education center. A Canadian Commonwealth Scholar, his portfolio of over 108 museums, nature parks, wetlands, sea, wildlife and science center assignments, have been visited by millions around the world. In 2008, he was honored to be the Project Director for the production of the 1812 Star Spangled Banner permanent exhibit- Smithsonian’s most treasured national icon, that inspired the American National Anthem rededicated to the nation by President George W. Bush. In 2015, he delivered the fastest museum design-build project in north America with helicopter rides over the world’s densest dinosaur bone-bed sites, winning 9 awards in 9 months including the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Canadian Museums Association and the 2016 Outstanding Project Leadership Award from the Canadian Association of Science Centers. He is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and recipient of the 2019 Louie Kamookak Medal for Lifetime Achievements.

Jacob has authored 150+ opinion editorials on interpretive planning, museum design, civic reach, sustainability, public art, exhibit design, master planning and advocacy, for newspapers and publications. Author of 7 seminal books on the future of Museum Design and Practice, he has served on the Peer Review Council of the American Alliance for Museums, and is on the Boards of CAL-Travel and International Council of Museums USA. In 2019, he was appointed Chief Advisor to UN Environment programs on Climate and Ocean Conservation Museum initiatives.

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