The Future of Queer Nightlife

The Future of Queer Nightlife

What does the future look like for Queer nightlife in SF and beyond? Join Shannon, Jolene, and Honey in this Pride Month discussion!

Queer spaces and infrastructure grow and shrink. In San Francisco we have seen a ton of bar + club closures in the past few decades as well as some new spaces open and recreated.

What is the trend looking like? Why have so many bars closed? What is the purpose of queer social spaces in 2019 and what are predictions for the service they will provide for the community in the future?

Here to discuss are three folks at the center of Queer nightlight in San Francisco: Honey Mahogany, Jolene Linsangan, and Shannon Amitin.

Honey is a co-owner of the Stud, has performed at venues throughout the City, and is co-founder of the Comptons Street Cultural District

Jolene + Shannon are co-founders of Jolene's, San Francisco's newest queer bar which focused on creating safe spaces for the trans and lesbian community especially.

Let's have a conversation about where all this is going.

Venue Information:
3092 16th St
San Francsico, CA, 94113