Reinventing Governance with Technology

Reinventing Governance with Technology

In our hyperconnected, social media-dominated world, technology has been at odds with the goals of democracy.

Can we produce better outcomes in governance?

As part of SF Democracy Week, please join us for an evening of participatory discussion with Agatha Bacelar, candidate for US congress in San Francisco, and a group of thrilling panelists. This discussion focuses on reinventing governance with an approach that incorporates new technologies and practices. This event is the first part of a series of events on creating a living democracy that is sensitive to and capable of delivering on the needs of the public.

Much of governance happens at a practical level far and away from politics. The connection between our votes and the outcomes of governance can often be difficult to trace. Holding power accountable while incentivizing successful policy outcomes can often be a stretch to do fairly, if at all. We are reaching the threshold of a time where we have technologies and practices that can reinvent governance as we know it. We have a chance to integrate more perspectives, needs, and solutions into governance that better serves the public will.

How can we begin to plug all of these pieces together and bring democracy into the 21st century — when it may take the unprecedented to make that a reality?

These panelists have some of the answers:

Agatha Bacelar is running for Congress here in San Francisco’s District 12 to create a living democracy.

Aaron Soskin is founder of Govrn, tying campaign financing to policy outcomes decided by the public.

Kathy Qian is co-founder of Code for Democracy, a non-profit strengthening the democratic process.

Frank Gallivan is co-founder of Plural Futures Lab where human-centered design is brought into governance.

Josh Krafchin, moderator, is the co-founder of Swing Left and currently reinvents voting with Liquid. us.

Venue Information:
3092 16th Street
San Francisco, CA, 94103