The Obama Book Club - All Meetings (#6-#7)!

The Obama Book Club - All Meetings (#6-#7)!

We're coming together to remember better times by reading and discussing the new book by President Obama: A Promised Land w/special guests


Times are dark. What better way to bring the light than a big fun book club where we get transported back to the Obama era?

Right - that's what I thought!!

So here's what we're going to do. We're going to meet once a week for 7 weeks to discuss President Obama's new book: A Promised Land.

We'll be joined at each book club meeting by a former senior Obama administration official who will give us insight from the inside!

So not only will you be able to chat about the book with other folks - you'll be able to meet people in each meeting who are actually featured in the book itself!

How To Guide for the Manny's Obama Book Club:

Step 1: Purchase A Promised Land

Please purchase the book from a local SF bookstore like The Booksmith or Dog Eared Books if you can. But the first step is to purchase (or download) the book.

Step 2: Register

Register and Purchase a Ticket to the Book Club Meeting. You're already here! Click on the "Register button above" If the cost is at all a hurdle please just email with the word "Grapefruit" and she will send you a free ticket no questions asked!

Step 3: Read Part 6-7

Step 4: Sign on via Zoom

Pour yourself a glass of wine and log in using the Zoom link that you will automatically receive when you purchase your ticket.

P.S. See you in the book club! This is a national club so please do share and send to your friends all around.

Let's remember and learn together.

Venue Information: